Our products have quality built-in them. We manufacture our products with first pass yield of over 93% and outgoing Quality level of over 99.5%. Which means, your product always gets built right the first time.

Whether you require one piece or a million pieces, our Engineering staff will analyze your flex circuit design with the same level of detail to ensure manufactureability and reliability in the field.


Our Services

  • Flex Design Consultation / Design Layout Service¬†
  • Concurrent Engineering / Application Support
  • Application-based Material Selection and Construction
  • Application-based Interconnect Solutions / Termination Methods
  • Computer Modeling and Analysis of Design
  • Reliability Testing Service
  • Turnkey Project Management / Assembly Service
  • Design for Manufactureability and Reliability - Educational Seminars
  • Extensive Technical Library and Design Guideline Manual
  • Connector sourcing
  • Plastic injection molding

Our Products

  • Single Sided flex circuit
  • Double Sided flex circuit
  • Dual Access flex circuits
  • Staggered Layer flex
  • Multilayer flex circuits
  • Embedded Passives in flex
  • Rigid-flex circuits
  • Chip-on-flex
  • HDI flex

Our Programs

  • Program Management - from design to assembly
  • JIT (Just-in-time) stocking program
  • Volume Purchase Rebate (VPR) program
  • Strategic Alliances - offshore partners and rigid PCB partners