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We support our Military Customers with high-reliability flex circuits and are entrusted with government rated jobs and critical mission control programs. We’re positioned to support you from R&D all the way to multi-year contracts.

Night Vision Camera

6 layer Flex with Tatsuta EMI shielding film for increased flexibility.

Tatsuta EMI Shield film was used in this project due to the flexibility. Typically we use copper for shielding but if you need more flexibility, the copper can be replaced with this shield film. The EMI Shied film helped substantially increase the flexibility and bend radius on this 4 layer application.

Soldier-Band (2)


12 layer Rigid-Flex with an 8 layer patented hinge section designed for maximum flexlife cycles.

This application was converted from rigid pcb/cable assembly to a rigid flex with ICT hinge out of necessity. In order to reduce weight and increase flexibility we incorporated a ICT hinge in the bend area that allowed for folds and unfolds without breakage. This also became a single unit for assembly reducing cost and lead time.