Heater Flex Circuit Solutions

Heater flex sample part

Flexible circuits have long been used in heater applications, where they can fit any shape while delivering thermal output. Modern materials, such as those offered by DuPont, allow even more options for heater flex solutions, while also simplifying design requirements. 

Flex Interconnect Technologies has helped bring to market heater flex products in categories that include:

  • Automotive
  • Medical devices
  • Wearables
  • Aerospace

Complexity in Heater Flex Solutions

Heater flex applications come with complexity and technical considerations unique to this type of circuit. Our engineers will consult with your designers early and often to understand your project, and manufacture workable solutions for your applications.

Resistance and Heat Output

To achieve the exact target heat output, heater flex circuit designs must include a precise amount of resistance. Still, factors such as geometry, materials, and position within the assembly can affect overall heat output.

Effect on Materials

Heater flex solutions must carefully consider not just total heat output, but localized heat output, in order to account for that heat’s potential impact on the overall circuit or product.

Effect on Assembly

Once output by your circuit, where will the heat go? Effective heater flex circuit designs consider the thermal conductivity of the entire assembly so as to deliver the required heat to the required location at the required time.

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