Applications Engineering

Flexible circuits offer dynamic solutions with unique challenges. In order to manufacture a reliable product, engineers must consider a broad range of requirements and capabilities in their designs.

  • The environment and conditions in which the final product will be used
  • How the flexible circuit will mechanically it within and connect to the broader product
  • Specific material properties and capabilities
  • Manufacturing capabilities

Flex Interconnect Technologies partners with customers early to understand the real-world requirements of their projects. Through our Applications Engineering process, we help engineers design solutions that will last for years to come in their real-world applications. 

Our Applications Engineering services may include

Material Selection

We help you select the appropriate materials to meet your performance requirements in the field.

signal integrity analysis

We help ensure the performance of your high-speed data signals at the design phase.

Design recommendations

Our engineers suggest changes to your design to reduce cost and ensure long lasting performance in the real world

educational seminars

We are happy to conduct webinars and events with your team to share best practices and emerging technologies.

Applications Engineering and Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability (DFM), is a critical part of Applications Engineering. A DFM review may look at your material selection, stackup, layout, and traces, but the process centers around ensuring that a manufacturers equipment and process can make your design. 

This tends to leave a hole. Just because your design is manufacturable, doesn’t guarantee that it will work out in the field. 

Applications Engineering goes beyond DFM to consider how the manufactured circuit will perform in its real-world application.

Consider that a flexible circuit that passes DFM review may perform perfectly when flat, in an air-conditioned office environment. But if you bend that circuit to fit within a housing, deploy it to the sub-zero vacuum of space in a high-vibration environment, will it still work just as well? That’s the question Applications Engineering can answer for you. And at Flex Interconnect Technologies, we include it with every order.