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01.End-to-end Solutions - Rapid Prototyping

Flex Interconnect Technologies is committed to our customers’ successful product launch by providing complete end-to-end solutions in 10 days or less – starting from design layout to turnkey assembly including conformal coating and testing.


We offer design services for those customers who either have too much on their plate, would rather have the design laid out properly or have no access to doing the design themselves. We can also do design modifications to existing gerber files. Our team can turn around designs in 2-7 days depending on the complexity and need for speed. Whether you have a basic schematic and fab print or a sketch on paper we can execute full gerbers that are yours to keep.


Flex Interconnect can offer you rapid prototyping builds through volume production. We can support flex builds as fast as 3 days and rigid-flex as fast as 7 days. At  Flex Interconnect we believe in reviewing your files and making suggestions BEFORE we manufacture your design. All files are gone over with a fine-tooth comb and collaborations with our customers is how we maintain our reputation of being a true partner as an extension of your company’s offerings.


Assembly Solutions include not only part population, but also testing and conformal coating. We offer both quickturn assembly onshore as well as low cost volume assembly offshore. Our technicians are certified to J-Std soldering.

05.Oversees Manufacturing

Our customers have the option of utilizing our offshore teams in China or Taiwan when ready. We stand behind our offshore quality by re-inspecting and testing each shipment that comes back domestically. We work side-by-side and collaborate to ensure the best manufacturing methods for a successful build. Our customers can take advantage of the cost-savings but still receive the quality and delivery schedule they demand.

06.Applications Engineering

What sets Flex Interconnect apart from other flex suppliers? The answer is the application engineering team. Our team has the ability to engineer very complex designs and set up manufacturing for optimal results. Where other suppliers fail, our team can engineer the most reliable flex with the greatest longevity. With over 30+ years of engineering all the flex nuances day after day; you can rest assured you are with the right company.

07.Research & Development

Our customers expect us to be technological leader in flex circuit manufacturing. We continue to blaze the way with new materials and processes to help our customers convert their toughest designs to reality. Our strong relationship with our suppliers such as Dupont, Tatsuta and Insulectro has allowed us to bring elegant solutions to our customers.

08.Inventory Management

We understand that you need to have cash flow in order to grow your business. That is why we offer inventory management at no additional cost to you. You as the customer are able to place a PO for many scheduled deliveries throughout the year. We invoice what and when we ship. This way you get the power of a lower unit cost but the benefit of paying for your partial quantities. Accounting is going to love that!

09.Cost Reduction

Our customers’ need to be cost competitive in the market place. One of the best services we provide is cost reduction solutions to our customer. We guide our customers during design review process on cost drivers and opportunities to reduce the cost. We also offer different cost savings programs for volume purchases.

10.Failure Analysis

One of the free services we offer to our customers is failure analysis. Our strength lies in our knowledge of the flex circuit design, materials and manufacturing processes, understanding of different failure modes, and root cause analysis. We take a holistic approach in analyzing the failures and provide a comprehensive report on improving the reliability of the product.