We’ve been perfecting flex and rigid-flex manufacturing for over the past 20 years and a large portion of our employees have been with us since the beginning, averaging a 15-year tenure. This leads to very experienced engineers, operators, technicians, and managers that are specialized in manufacturing flexible circuits.

Our in-house Specialities:

  • Flex Printed Circuits
  • Flex Circuits with Stiffener
  • Rigid-Flex Circuits

We can deliver your flex circuits in the following variations:

  • Laser routed into individual boards
  • In an array with tab rout, rails, fiducials and tooling holes. An FR4 backer may be added for stability depending on the assembly requirements
  • Partially or fully loaded populated circuits so all you have to do is plug and play

Min Trace/Space
75 microns
50 microns
Smallest Mechanical Drill
0.150 mm
0.100 mm
Smallest Laser Drill
0.075 mm
0.050 mm
Max Aspect Ratio
Max Blind Via Aspect Ratio
Min Internal Pad Size
DHS + 0.350 mm
DHS + 0.200 mm
Min Clearance Pad Size
DHS + 0.600 mm
DHS + 0.400 mm
Min External Pad Size
DHS + 0.250 mm
DHS + 0.200 mm
Min Pad Size for Selective Plating
DHS + 0.450 mm
DHS + 0.400 mm
Min Soldermask Clearance
0.075 mm per side
0.050 mm per side
Min Soldermask Webbing
0.150 mm
0.100 mm
Min Mask Defined Pad Diameter
0.125 mm
0.100 mm
Min Coverlay Clearance
0.200 mm per side
0.125 mm per side
Min Feature-to-Board Edge
0.250 mm
0.075 mm
Number of Layers
1 to 24
Up to 30
HDI Capabilities
Sintering Paste Technology
Max Flex Length
57.15 cm
Greater than 58 cm
Via Fill Capability
Max Board Thickness
2.4 mm
3.10 mm
Min Copper Weight
9 to 18 micron
0.4 to 5 micron
Max Copper Weight
3 oz.
4 oz.
Shielding MethodCopper, Tatsuta, Silver InkCopper, Tatsuta, Silver Ink
Impedance Tolerance
+/- 10%
BGA, uBGA, Hot Bar, ACF Bonding, Flip Chip, Die Attach, 0201
Flying Probe, Functional, JTAG, ICT
Flying Probe, Functional, JTAG, ICT Yes
Conformal Coating
Surface Finish
ENIG, ENEPIG, Soft Gold, Hard Gold, OSP, HASL, Lead-free HASL
Panel Size9 x 12", 12 x 12", 12 x 18", 12 x 24"