Rigid Flex Solutions

Rigid Flex sample part

Rigid flex circuits offer the best of both worlds: the high-density capabilities of a rigid board coupled with the flexibility in three dimensions of a flexible circuit. 

Design engineers choose rigid flex solutions to reduce complexity, minimize size, and mitigate failure points by eliminating the need for wire harnesses and connectors. With rigid flex circuits, the connectors are built in.

As a result, rigid flex circuits deliver high performance, offer high-density assembly capabilities, and can be designed to fit within almost any housing or application.

Custom Solutions For Custom Designs

Because every rigid flex design is different, every rigid flex circuit requires its own, unique manufacturing strategy. Today, there’s no longer a binary choice between flexible and rigid. A wide variety of stiffeners can be applied to flexibly circuits offering a greater range of options depending on project needs. 

Our in-house team of engineers works closely with you and your team to understand the details of your project requirements, and constraints. 

The result? High quality rigid flex circuits that last for years to come.

Tell us about an upcoming project. We typically quote new projects in less than one business day, and if we need additional information we’ll be in touch within an hour.

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