Volume Production Solutions

Production Solutions for a Wide Range of Quantities

In modern manufacturing, “production quantity” means different things to different companies. At Flex Interconnect Technologies, we help a wide range of customers with different production needs, including:

  • Short Run Production
  • Just-In-Time Delivery
  • High-Volume Production

Short Run Production and Just-In-Time Delivery

We can fulfill lower volume production runs, or programmatic production orders relying on just-in-time delivery, directly from our factory in the heart of Silicon Valley. As a full-service flexible circuit manufacturer, we deliver high quality components with regular yields over 95%. 

Domestic production through our factory can save shipping time. Just-in-time delivery options reduce logistical overhead such as warehousing and incremental shipping and freight fees. 

Offshore Production

Unlike brokers or other CMs that source from overseas, we partner only with a select few manufacturers with which we have longstanding relationships. We do this to maintain quality and deliver the highest level of service.

Our overseas partners offer the same quality and capabilities that we offer direct through our factory. All overseas orders are run through our team in California, so that you can continue working with your existing account team. All parts are shipped back to our factory for final inspection.

Benefits you can expect by utilizing our overseas manufacturing services:

  • Low Cost Manufacturing with Onshore Quality and Standards
  • Supply Chain Management
  • China Office
  • 100% verification that the products are built to their customer’s quality requirements
  • UL Certified and RoHS Compliant
  • ISO9001 and TS16949 Certified
  • PPAP Control plan (if needed)

Reducing cost with flex offshore manufacturing:

  • Material – 0.5 oz or 1 mil PI or adhesive based laminates
  • Finish Type – Immersion Gold
  • Class 2
  • No laser processing
  • Standard Technology: 4/4 mil line/space, 8 mil holes, no button plating, FR-4 and Kapton stiffener materials
  • Parts Part Size less than 9”x10”
  • Panel Utilization


Build TypeFPC and Rigid CircuitsFPC and Rigid Circuits
Max Number of Layers
Min Trace/Space
Smallest Mechanical Drill
Min Pad Size
Blind/Buried Vias Capabilities