We understand the value in keeping cost down while maintaining quality and deliveries and we position ourselves to partner with you every step of the way.

Application and Design Review:

Are you just starting out on your design or thinking of best way to build your circuit but keep cost to a minimal? If so, this proactive approach can save you a tremendous amount of time and R&D money by teaming up with our engineers to advise on best practices, before you’re knee deep into a design.

  • We review your design ahead of time and can advise on any changes you can make to reduce costs while keeping the circuit’s integrity.
  • Our onsite team of engineers tasked with New Product Development are constantly testing, creating processes, and integrating new technology and materials into our production line.
  • We take our expertise in new product development with implementing next gen technology into your design in order to reduce costs.

Multi-Year Contract:

Do you have a multi-year government or military contract where demands will fluctuate, and lead times may be pulled in and pushed out? When you partner with us on a multiyear contracts, you can expect the following incentives:

  • We guarantee pricing for the life of your contract. Should material pricing increase for example, we absorb that cost
  • Volume pricing with scheduled deliveries

Volume Rebate:

This program is great for that engineering group spinning multiple boards and revisions where you’re constantly incurring NRE fees.

  • We’ve developed a 2 Tier rebate system that helps reduce or eliminate NRE fees based on annual flex spending

Offshore Manufacturing :

Are you in the competitive commercial or disposable medical device market? Offshore manufacturing is a great way to reduce costs without sacrificing quality through our qualified facilities.

  • Offshore pricing
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Drop ship options from our offshore facility